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​Industry 4.0 solutions

Industry 4.0 connects the entire value chain with IoT in manufacturing. That is why it is also called Industrial IoT (IIoT). Smart machines can exchange information with each other and organize themselves automatically. Connect and automate processes across the entire value chain. This makes manufacturing much more efficient and agile. In addition, Industry 4.0 is bringing about a wide range of changes. Industry 4.0 is called the 4th industrial revolution.

Smart Factory 

A smart factory is a technology that combines digital automation solutions in the production process, such as design and development, manufacturing and distribution.  It is an intelligent production factory that improves productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction by applying information and communication technology (ICT) to the facilities and machines in the factory.  It is a factory of the future that has installed the Internet of Things (IoT) to collect process data in real time, analyze it, and control it by itself.

Tool  Management System

It supports real-time tool management in connection with the processes of purchasing, dispensing, returning, inventory, maintenance, and disposal of various tools used in the company's production sites.

Accurate tool management can significantly reduce your monthly tool purchase costs!

ㆍWithdrawal and return It is convenient to use a mobile phone.
ㆍSupports efficient management by providing accurate information on tools
ㆍPrevent over-purchasing of tools through accurate inventory identification
ㆍMinimize delivery delays and shortages due to lack of tools.
ㆍContributes to production cost reduction by reducing the time and labor required for tool management.



Tool Control Solutions

Tools and equipment have a way of disappearing into a black hole. Now you can make sure they get returned on time for the next person to use, with far less careless damage and loss. 

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